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The Fan Project is dedicated to creating equality and opportunity in sports. The problem? Women's sports don't receive enough media coverage, investment, or sponsorship dollars.

The solution? Your social media data.

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The more visible that women's sports are, the greater their power is to inspire the next generation. With your data, we'll unlock the power to push executives to increase coverage of women's sports to 10% of all sports coverage in 10 months time.

Only when women's sports are seen can they inspire.

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The Fan Project is only able to prove the demand for women's sports thanks to fans like you donating their data for analysis. To thank you for your support you can choose one of the rewards below, and after you submit your data you'll be given a code or link to redeem your chosen reward. Get started now by choosing either Facebook or Twitter under the reward of your choice! Limited rewards so donate now!

How You Can Help

Submit Your Social Media Data To The Fan Project

The more fans show interest in women's sports, the more broadcast networks and big brands spend money to support women's leagues and athletes.

All that interest is captured in your social media activity, which is turned into a single data file.

By downloading and submitting your Facebook or Twitter information we'll be able to anonymously analyze it to write a report that proves the opportunity women's sports holds.

Then we're going to bring this report directly to the heads of broadcast networks, global brand sponsors, and those responsible for investing in women's sports.

Let's prove what we already know: fans want more women's sports!

When you choose to submit your Facebook or Twitter data it is anonymized, and all of your personal data is deleted. Your data is always safe, secure, and anonymous with The Fan Project.

What Happens To My Social Data When I Share It?

When you upload your social media information to The Fan Project it is completely anonymous and secure.

We'll never be able to see who you are and your information will never be shared. Sharing your social data with The Fan Project is taking control of information that big social media companies are selling everyday and doing something meaningful with it.

After we receive your data a team of researchers and analysts will comb through all of the anonymous information shared to build the case for investing in women’s sports, which will be presented to executives in Summer 2021.

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.